50 life habits for the next 50 years

As I approach 50 this year, I have been thinking about lots of things but my quick and dirty list is:
  • How did I get so fat?! - granted this is not a new size for me, I am not getting weight heavier but I wear it differently as I get older so what's up with that
  • Why do my walking shoes look so bright? - probably has to do with the lack of exercise - like my once a semester trek to Palehua (Camp Timberline) does not count as exercise for the rest of the year - and then, why the hell not
  • Why is it that no mater what time I sleep, I have to use the bathroom atS 5:30 in the morning everyday even when I don't need to be up early and what should I be doing to be more efficient since I'm already up and why can't I just sleep in when I used to be super skilled at that when I was younger and could sleep straight until at least 10 am?
I am all about presenting an issue, a politicized harsh reality, a social injustice scenario to my students and then just leaving it to them to problem solve with the very well thought out essential question:

"And what you going do about it?" 

So what I going do? Because somehow when I really need to figure something out, I think in pidgin so really this is a more standard English version of what I really ask myself which is, "how you going ack (pacack)?" Anyway, if you know you know.

I decided at 6 this morning that I was going to work on making good things into habits. I don't know if it will be 50 and it will have to be habit which means I have to keep it manageable and doable so 50 seems like much but they all should contribute to my health in some way and they should address one of the three things (fatness, exercise and lack thereof, sleep and use of waking hours).

This morning, I am starting with a cup of water. Not a huge cup because I am not a water person, but a cup - first thing, before anything else. I talk about the importance of wai in my writing because it is part of my methodology for creating change - find the wai or the waiwai of institutions. That thing that sustains and nourishes us. The places that are the source of our "wealth." So drink it while we still have clean sources. 

Other things I want to make into habit:

  • be consistent in making by bed in the morning - I do this on Oahu, but when I go to Hilo, the bed is so big and there are dogs in it and I am not always the last one up, so yeah, no excuses - it's a clear signal that the day has begun.
  • put the dishes away in  the drainer before I go to sleep - I try not to leave dishes in the sink ever because I don't like things sitting like that, but I do not always empty the dish drain before I sleep which is something grandma always trained us to do. 
  • clean the sink at the end of the day - another grandma thing
  • take the stairs

I'm depressed now so I'm going to finish my water and get going. 


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