Sunday, December 30, 2012

DIY oven glass cleaner

I was browsing Pinstagram and came across a tips and tricks pin for cleaning the glass on the oven door.  It seemed easy enough (make a paste with baking soda and water or vinegar, put on glass, wait then wipe/scrub off).

Here's what I'm dealing with:

This is the inside of our oven door. Yes, that large part that takes up most of the door is the glass. Unfair and overwhelming, but I tried the tip with the promise of a clean oven door in half an hour.

I used about 1/4 cup of baking soda and mixed it with some water to create a paste (more like a frosting). I waited, then wiped it off, but it wasn't as easy as promised, so I had to do some scrubbing, and then Big Spazz had to do some scrubbing with new paste as well as help from our ceramic stove top cleaner.

It's not a miracle, and it wasn't as easy as the post said, but the top two photos are the door AFTER from the inside and the outside. Plus, if you do not want to use any harsh chemicals, and you're not afraid of a little elbow grease, this is a natural and safe alternative to very harsh oven chemicals that put poisons into your lungs, and into your house.

The top photo is reflecting the cabinets above the stove and the bottom photo shows our pizza oven inside of the oven as well as Big Spazz's thermometer. I can also see the my legs and the red iPad cover in the reflection.

Try it as a first option. Your lungs will thank you.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Recycled Tabletop Tree

I despise crafts, although I appreciate the creativity and "poet's eye" of crafters. Imagine my yearly stress when we get the boy scout Christmas party invitation and there is always a craft project assignment. I think the reason God gave us three boys was to spare me from the horror of braiding hair, nail polish and craft projects.

It was supposed to be an "easy task." Create a recycled tabletop Christmas tree. Oh, and you get creativity points with a prize for the winner. Now I am competitive enough for my whole family, but when it comes to this, let's agree to not worry about winning. Let's just get 'er done with a minimum amount of yelling.

I went to the Etsy site for some inspiration and found tis beaut.
It's an "up cycled" felt tree using used wool sweaters that were bought from thrift stores and cut into squares and topped with a shiny green ball.

We live in Hawaii, so wool? But we did have construction paper that was starting to brown on the edges,  barbecue sticks and extra gauze from the time one of the boys had their wisdom teeth extracted. Perfect! No green ball? Oh well, we have a dried craisin.

Here is our kapakahi (crooked), recycled paper and never used gauze tree with dried craisin topper. It may not be pretty, but we got 'er done.