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Quinoa Taco Meat Vegan

Trying new vegan fare for health reasons and to add to my keeper list of vegan/vegetarian dinners. I am also really loving the mission behind the Minimalist Baker blog for whole food, minimal ingredient, one bowl recipes. The recipes I tried so far are yummy even for Big Spazz. 
This is one of the first ones I tried and we are adding it on to our Keeper Project list. The original post is here. Go to the original post. Enjoy their site and their fabulous professional photos. I am just posting here because I have found that sometimes blog sites turn into cookbooks and the sites are closed down so these recipes disappear over the years. 
Quinoa Taco MeatIngredients: 1 c. quinoa (red, white or tricolor)1 cup vegetable broth (I used Better than Bouillon vegetable base, and there really is nothing better, including the vegetable broth I make at home)3/4 cup water1/2 c. salsa, slightly chunky1 T. nutritional yeast2 tsp. ground cumin2 tsp. ground chili powder (I had none, but used Grandma Hug…

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