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Keeper Project: Lazy Girl's Jello

I once wrote about being the Jello Queen and the failures that happened in that pursuit, but I gave that up and when I need to make jello, this is my go to because this one does not fail. . .ever. This is from my friend Merle Samura.

Easy Layered Jello
Ingredients: 3 boxes Jello (3 oz)4 pkgs. Knox gelatin3/4 c. sugar4 1/2 c. hot water1 carton (8 oz.) whipping cream

Mix jello, gelatin and sugar together. Like I have said before, Hawai'i is very humid so buy gelatin when you need it. Add hot water to the dry ingredients and stir well to dissolve. Here is where I get lazy. Put some mayo on your 9 x 13" glass pyrex and pour the jello mixture in. I then put it in the refrigerator drawer and while it is in the refrigerator, I add the whipping cream. You can whisk it. I leave it swirly. 
Refrigerate until firm. The physics of this is that the 2 liquids are different weights so they will separate themselves.

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