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Instant Pot Okinawan Miso Shoyu Pork

This recipe is from Rick Agan. Another Aloha Instant Pot Community member on FB. The pork is super soft and although I had to manhandle the bone in pork butt with a dull knife (not a pretty picture), cutting it up helps to season all of the meat. I had a lot of meat (over 10 lbs. with the bone in) so I used the maximum amount of seasonings.

Total cooking time with the pot at max 1:40


8-10 lb. pork shoulder/butt, trim fat, 2" cubes1 c. shoyu1 c. water1 cup sugar (granulated)1 sweet onion, chopped2-3 tsp. garlic, minced4-5 slivers ginger3-4 tsp. mirin3-4 T. miso pasteDirections:

Mix all ingredients other than pork. Whisk miso to break it up.Set IP to saute and put sauce in to heat it upPut in cup up pork and dunk the pieces in the pot.Set IP on manual for 35 minutes. Natural release for 25 min.Serve over hot rice Notes:
* After the natural release time, I still had to release steam. My pot was so full that I needed to put a dish towel over because some of the shoyu steam…

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