Wednesday, June 13, 2012

KCC Tuesday Night Farmerʻs Market

Kapiolani Community College and the Hawaii Farm Bureau hold a fabulous farmer's market on the campus grounds on Saturday morning. The problem, however, is that there are bus loads of tourists that are dropped off to buy the hibachi Kona oysters and the fried green tomatoes. Locals that are trying to pick up their CSA boxes or just get fresh fruits, veggies and flowers need to deal with parking and major crowds.

As a result of community input, they are now trying a three-month experiment, starting last night, to offer the farmer's market on both Saturday morning and Tuesday night from 4-7 pm. It's smaller in scale, but I was able to pick up baby kale and choi sum from Ho Farms, and pick up dinner from Chef Hardy of Michel's.

Chef Hardy makes a yummy mushroom pouch and skewers a crusty piece of ciabatta bread to soak up the juices. The mushroom pouch consists of Hamakua mushrooms, onions, carrots, spinach and garlic baked in a parchment paper pouch. It's so good, I even eat the cloves of garlic that are soft and melty.

The other perk, is that the crowds are mostly local and much smaller, which means that we could go around and taste samples from different vendors.

I was able to try Moloka'i honey from John and Linda Dalire's All Hawaiian Honey. The kiawe honey was thick and grainy with an almost dijon mustard consistency. It was nice, not too sweet. I also learned from Linda that the lighter honeys, like the lehua honey are sweeter while the darker honey like the eucalyptus honey is less sweet.

I also tried the fried mocha from Taste Wave. It's a puree of sweet potato and edamame made into a pan mocha concoction, then dipped in batter and deep fried. She then sprinkles furikake as a final touch. I have a quarter of a piece and it's great hot with a little bit of saltiness and great gooey texture mixed with the crunch of the batter. 

Cold Fryye makes handmade ice cream, so I tried a sample spoon of their green wave ice cream made with sea asparagus. I like sea asparagus with natural sea salt flavor (like limu) plus the crunch like watercress. The ice cream is a pale green, not quite as deep as the green tea ice cream color, but when I tried it it was a little too salty for my taste and it was missing the depth factor that I look for in ice cream so I didn't splurge on that. 

Hopefully more people come out. Follow Hawaii Farm Bureau on Twitter!/hnlfarmers to get updates. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: Wai Lana Yogi Bars

I'm not going raw, but in the dorm, raw is much easier.
Who needs ice cream after a long study session when a banana slathered in almond butter is just as yummy.

I also found these Wai Lana bars at the local Down to Earth store. They're on sale right now for $1 a piece ($5 for 5). They're raw fruits and nuts, no sugar added. They're basically less dense versions of the Kenergy bars and Liana Bars.

Each package contains two of these pieces above and so far they've been really yummy as a late afternoon pick me up. I tried the apricot and the nana banana. I thought I would dislike the nana banana flavor because I don't like dried bananas, but I'm wrong, they're good.

My one gripe? The packaging with the lady in the lei polo and the big fruits and nuts with little flowers on it is so touristy that I've passed them by before. What's even more disappointing is that it's not even a Hawaii product. It's manufactured in California.

Once you open it, it's basically a date bar with nuts and fruit, so don't mind the cheesy packaging.

Other flavors are:
Apricot Cashew
Autumn Apple
Cherry Pomegranate
Cranberry Almond
Strawberry Shake
Sunflower Coconut and
Tropical Macadamia

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dorm life (at my age)

I moved islands for the summer, so I'm in a women's dorm for 5 weeks in order to take classes at the university, which means community kitchen and figuring out how to feed myself without going out every meal or reverting to the easier junk food.

I packed three things in my suitcase as must haves: an oatmeal pot, my Vitamix and a covered glass bowl that can go in the  microwave and double as a salad bowl. I also brought one plate and one bowl to eat with. Funny that I brought a wooden spoon and spatula, but no eating utensils. SMART!
The dorm provides us with a refrigerator and the freezer is downstairs in the community kitchen. I share a bathroom with five other people, but since it's summer, the dorm is not as full. If I stand in one place to take pictures, here's the  door and the closet with two dressers and a hanging rod.

Next to the door is the refrigerator and two book shelves

then  the bed and desk. All utilities plus wi-fi is included, so it's a good deal for a major city and it's a block away from our classroom.

I don't know what dorm life was like as an undergraduate, but since this is a graduate women's dorm, it's pretty quiet. I don't even hear music, so I try not to run my Vitamix is the morning. Green smoothies are great for a large lunch - green smoothie (kale, banana, a date or two, frozen blueberries, rice milk) + a side salad.

When it's hot and muggy, nothing is better than fruit and greens in a cup. Enjoy the summer!