Sunday Dinner Week #8: Crock Pot Friends

I think my friend Liana knew that I was going to have a busy weekend when she commented on this blog and talked about her ham in a crockpot recipe, and it was serendipitous that for the past week, I've been swearing into the chest freezer because I can't find anything when I have a mountain-shaped half ham that keeps wedging into all the empty spaces everytime I move something from the freezer to search. While at a rehearsal on Saturday for a poetry reading, I was texting Liana about instructions, then texting my husband to buy some needed supplies, and Sunday dinner solved itself.
Liana's Crock Pot Ham
1 ham (used Farmer John smoked half ham, 99 cents per lb.)
1 can crushed pineapple
mustard (I used dijon, but maybe I'll try yellow next time)
brown sugar (I also added about half a jar of guava jelly)
cloves (she uses cloves, which Ken doesn't like, so I opted for the homemade guava jelly instead)

Put it in the crockpot (our ham didn't fit, so we had the extra top for breakfast, pan fried), put it on low and start it.
I let it cook for almost ten hours. By the time we were back from our poetry reading and discussion, the ham was a little palahē, so instead of slicing it, we just put it in a foil pan with the au jus on the side. Notch it up as another Sunday dinner that can be made without actually being in the kitchen!

I'd love to collect more crock pot friends so I can get more recipes.

The funny part about this recipe is Liana doesn't even like ham, but for $14 total for the ham, including all the stuff on it, not only was it a fast, semi-homemade meal, but pair it with Ken's saimin spinach salad, and I could come home at 5:30 and have Ken put the food on the table by 6. Not too shabby.


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