KISS Dinners: Okara patties

Sometimes there's cooking to impress, cooking for special occasions, or cooking for saving money. On Monday nights, there's just cooking to accomplish the act of getting food on the table so that the day can finally be done. Mondays are perfect times for KISS dinners (keep it super simple). Okara patties are about as KISSable as they get. Okara is the waste from the process of making tofu. It's kind of like pieces of aburage that they mix with some sliced vegetables, and konyaku. If you're not used to it, the texture (mushy, a little bland, somewhat grainy) can be off putting, but I like it straight from the container with hot rice.
Okara Patties
1 block tofu, drained, mashed (my mom puts it in cheese cloth so that all the liquid is squeezed out)
3 containers of okara
water chestnuts, sliced
green onion
eggs for binder
green onions
bread crumbs (I used panko)
Mix, salt to taste and make patties. Fry it up until the tofu is a little koge (almost burnt), and serve immediately.


  1. For extra zip, you might consider putting in some red pepper flakes. It is delicious to eat the okara cakes with kochujang sauce (kochujang + brown sugar + vinegar + a little water to thin the mixture) or your favorite ketchup or dressed up ketchup (ketchup + worchestershire sauce).


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