Holoholo home

Came home to Hilo for the long weekend and I have to say Honolulu has nothing on the Hilo Farmerʻs market. Not only do the veggies and produce look more fresh, but the variety just canʻt be found on Oahu (at least not yet, I havenʻt hit all the POPs). We spent under $7 for a bunch of bananas, eggplant, basil, green onion and mint for mojitos.

While I was home, I also wanted to get a tattoo done for my youngest boy who has been going through so many challenges this past year, so the photo is below. My middle boy and I have been talking about it, but as the tattooist and graphic artist in the family, I let him come up with the mana'o and design.

I think reading and tattooing is a good way to pass a Saturday evening.

The end product. For more on the mana'o from the artist himself, go to his blog.


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