Review: Ice Palace, Honolulu

  • Ice Palace Hawaii, an ice skating rink for public skating, parties, hockey and lessons
  • Location: 4510 Salt Lake Boulevard (across from the stadium and what used to be Castle Park - actually if you remember Castle Park, you have Ice Palace memories)
  • Schedule They're open daily, but check their website for specific hours for public skating 
  • Admission $8.90 per person for everyone that will skate ( parents who are not skating but will supervise their children get in free) - The admission ticket  gets you a rental pair of skates, but if you happen to own a pair, you still pay admission.
I personally am way too old and my ankles are too wasted to be skating around on a tiny blade, although the skates are slimming because they just make you so much taller. Still, I needed someplace to escape the heat of Honolulu and entertain three teenagers while providing a semi-quiet place for me to finish up my homework for class.

For less than the price of a movie ticket, we headed out to the stadium and let the boys loose. There is no outside food and the food at the Palace is geared for kids (nachos, pizza), so we ate first and I snuck in my handy travel mug of coffee.

My youngest just turned 13, and I must admit he's the baby in many ways. He, unlike his brothers, is more cautious and fearful, so although my husband was going to keep me company, after watching Pono struggle his way around the outside wall with his brothers trying to coach him,  Dad went to the pro shop, bought a pair of socks and paid to skate, surf shorts and all.

You can stay as long as you want, or as long as your feet allow you to. Be forewarned, though, if you're not skating, it's super cold. The time is broken up in one-hour increments, so towards the end of an hour, they'll play a game, then the zamboni comes out while everyone is supposed to get off the ice, rest and get food. We maxed out at about 2 hours, but it's a pretty good deal for the price.

Money-saving tips:
Eat first
Bring your own socks
If you're watching, bring warm clothes so that your family can stay longer


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