Best deal in Honolulu: Aloha Shorts Taping

My son has a part time job as a mobile DJ for "Da Bomb," a hip hop radio station in Honolulu, so when he started getting busy planning the "Bomb Birthday" celeb, I thought that it was like KWXX's Ho'olaule'a in Hilo - free entertainment to thank the listeners by bringing in stages of live acts. That's not what they do in Honolulu.  Fans have to actually buy tickets to go to Pipeline Cafe for the Bomb Birthay celeb. Not only that, it's like $15 presale VIP, none of the Bomb people get to bring in free VIP and the only thing VIP gets you is no lines.

Me: What's up with that?
Isaac: Mom, this is Honolulu, nothing is free.

But on the first Sunday of the month, in the cozy Hawaii public radio building on Atherton Street, Aloha Shorts tapes three shows for their Tuesday Aloha Shorts program and everyone is invited to be an audience member and hear live readings for FREE. The catch? It's first come, first reserved.

The trick: friend them on Facebook
When they announce the new show, call the studio the next day
Get to the radio station on the night of the taping by 6:30pm (it will last about two and a half hours)

It beats watching Sunday night television. So if you're a fan of literature, especially literature about Hawaii, this is the best and cheapest show in town.

The photo above is snaked from the Facebook page and it's Norman Munoz from this month's show on the Body. He's reading Lee Cataluna's "Curt Lum (true story)" from her book of vignettes People You Meet in Longs


  1. It is too bad that we cannot get the broadcasts of the program on the Hawaii island public radio stations.


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