Garbanzo Love

This is the year of monthly challenges - none of which I've really accomplished, but this is a new month, so perhaps third time's the charm.

January challenge - follow the clutter calendar for one month = FAIL
February challenge - walk at least 2 miles per day = FAIL but getting closer
March challenge - blog everyday on this or my book blog = we'll see...

I've been on a non-spicy Indian food kick recently, mostly because we found the most decadent, not good for us naan bread at Costco (1/2 a piece is 210 calories - gah! That's why it's SOOOOOO delicious)

Don't buy this - it's sour! (That way when we go, it will still be there)

My favorite thing to eat with naan is chana masala because the chana has just enough liquid so that I can sop it up with ripped pieces of naan. Yummy! I have two recipes I've tried so far and I want to combine the best of both, but today is about garbanzo love.

Garbanzo beans in the can are good, but if you have a little time, the natural foods stores have dried garbanzo beans that are even better, bigger, and more meaty.

Don't mind the weird frames and colors on my pics. I'm enjoying the photo site until April when they will change to google. For now, all their premium items are free so I love playing with the effects.

Dried garbanzos, or chickpeas, will just look like dried mini brains.

Soak them in water for a day or at least overnight, then boil it for about 20 minutes. There will be foam so just skim and keep boiling to soften the bean.

The beans just expand like crazy which makes it a cheap, green and healthy alternative to buying sodium laden, mushy, canned garbanzos.

Besides chana, we're going to try and roast these garbanzos, perhaps with my favorite garam masala spice. More on the chana tomorrow.

Note: because the beans are not salted when the canned beans are, you'll need to add some salt to your cooking, but the key here is that YOU will be in control of your salt intake.


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