Dorm life (at my age)

I moved islands for the summer, so I'm in a women's dorm for 5 weeks in order to take classes at the university, which means community kitchen and figuring out how to feed myself without going out every meal or reverting to the easier junk food.

I packed three things in my suitcase as must haves: an oatmeal pot, my Vitamix and a covered glass bowl that can go in the  microwave and double as a salad bowl. I also brought one plate and one bowl to eat with. Funny that I brought a wooden spoon and spatula, but no eating utensils. SMART!
The dorm provides us with a refrigerator and the freezer is downstairs in the community kitchen. I share a bathroom with five other people, but since it's summer, the dorm is not as full. If I stand in one place to take pictures, here's the  door and the closet with two dressers and a hanging rod.

Next to the door is the refrigerator and two book shelves

then  the bed and desk. All utilities plus wi-fi is included, so it's a good deal for a major city and it's a block away from our classroom.

I don't know what dorm life was like as an undergraduate, but since this is a graduate women's dorm, it's pretty quiet. I don't even hear music, so I try not to run my Vitamix is the morning. Green smoothies are great for a large lunch - green smoothie (kale, banana, a date or two, frozen blueberries, rice milk) + a side salad.

When it's hot and muggy, nothing is better than fruit and greens in a cup. Enjoy the summer!


  1. I also had dorm life for the first time as a grad student. Liked it a lot. Although being older meant no wild drinking parties.


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