Review: Wai Lana Yogi Bars

I'm not going raw, but in the dorm, raw is much easier.
Who needs ice cream after a long study session when a banana slathered in almond butter is just as yummy.

I also found these Wai Lana bars at the local Down to Earth store. They're on sale right now for $1 a piece ($5 for 5). They're raw fruits and nuts, no sugar added. They're basically less dense versions of the Kenergy bars and Liana Bars.

Each package contains two of these pieces above and so far they've been really yummy as a late afternoon pick me up. I tried the apricot and the nana banana. I thought I would dislike the nana banana flavor because I don't like dried bananas, but I'm wrong, they're good.

My one gripe? The packaging with the lady in the lei polo and the big fruits and nuts with little flowers on it is so touristy that I've passed them by before. What's even more disappointing is that it's not even a Hawaii product. It's manufactured in California.

Once you open it, it's basically a date bar with nuts and fruit, so don't mind the cheesy packaging.

Other flavors are:
Apricot Cashew
Autumn Apple
Cherry Pomegranate
Cranberry Almond
Strawberry Shake
Sunflower Coconut and
Tropical Macadamia


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