Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Everything's Better with "Cheesy" Sauce

I was starving for dinner, probably because I spent all day doing school work, but I tried to be good and realistically, I don't have much in the kitchen anyway. I dry fried one Dr. Praeger veggie burger, steamed some frozen carrots and peas, and I already had some leftover roasted cauliflower and cherry tomatoes.
I know. . .BORING. Boring always calls for gravy, so whipped up some Happy Herbivore  cheese sauce.
The ingredients are totally from the pantry except the soy milk. Heat it up until it thickens, then goop it over everything.

The bad part is the recipe makes too much which means that Rico and I ate a few scoops of cheesy sauce straight out of the pan. (Not with the same spoon and no double dipping). Yum.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Back on The Path

I had a nice conversation one morning with another Eat to Live friend who inspired me to keep moving forward on the path not because it's easy, but because we need each other to keep moving forward. Then another friend offered to share her VitaMix while we're at a workshop next week so we can have green smoothies and not have to be slave to the hotel's breakfast buffet.

I love the fact that we are not alone. It's inspiring. I take life in small steps, which means a consistent breakfast of oatmeal with dates, frozen banana, at least one other fruit, Coach's oats and a small dollop of almond butter or flax seed. 8 minutes isn't much in the morning and it keeps me from feeling like I can eat a cake at 10 am.

Back on the path baby!