Keeper Recipe Project

Evernote, Pinterest, 3 1/2 x 5" cards splattered with sauce or recipe books with the pages yellowed, bought from a store or made by the local women's league. . .I have cookbooks and recipes all over the place. Some, no most of them have never been used. This year, I wanted to create a recipe book of keepers for my boys, but I where did I put that recipe and how do I find it. 

Instead, I am starting a Keeper Recipe Project first to try the recipes again, work on making it a little more healthy and then putting it somewhere (here) where I can find it again.

Maybe by the time my dissertation is done and this project is done, I will have something to put into my recipe book for the boys.

Either way, I will use this little picture if it is a keeper, potential book recipe so I can just search later.

Excited like it's Sunday Dinner Project all over again. 


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