HH's Vegan Fat-Free Curried Sweet Potato and Wild Rice Soup

My dad has been living in Minnesota for about 30 years, so he is my source for Minnesota wild rice. I just went to see him in November at the beginning of their long winter and ever since I've been making wild rice soup at least once or twice a month.

I bought 2 bags of what I though was butternut squash only to find out it was sweet potato, so I tried the Happy Herbivore sweet potato soup here. She is right, if you make it on Sunday and eat it the next day, the curry and garam masala winds its way into every part of this soup for a depth and spice.

The wild rice ladled on top also adds a nice texture to an otherwise textureless soup. 

I also doubled the recipe and used the peeled cut up frozen sweet potatoes. It will make 4 cups of soup. Enough for a side. 


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