Couch Surfing on the Foodie Trail

I spent my winter break cooking, washing dishes while Big Spazz is cooking, drying dishes, putting them away, pass out, repeat. In between, I watched foodie travel shows as an indulgence and inspiration to get up and cook again.

What we're watching on Hulu:

The Layover with Anthony Bourdain. I toured Sydney in a 24 hour or less period twice last year and I found that it was a good amount of time and on the second time, we really did a lot so I am inspired by what Bourdain can do in his 48 hour or less layovers (actually I'm amazed at how much he can eat and especially drink in that time). Besides the fact that Ignore the fact that he is a paid alcoholic who likes to talk about beating up prostitutes. I know that his wife is a jiu jitsu fighter who can kick his ass. Also keep in mind that he likes to shop for his daughter and you can ignore some of the sour things he says.

Our next layover city will be San Diego in February.  would love to figure out what we can do in San Diego in 36 hours.  I have reservations for dinner already (mostly because it's Valentine's so I don't want to be wandering around hoping to get in), but other than that, it's an adventure.

Behind the bar - this is a series that aired in 2011 but the footage looks really old. The premise is that bartenders talk about their signature drink, give a little interview and then make the drink. They also share the recipe. Since Big Spazz has a legitimate bar now with old man single malt whiskeys, bourbons and all the equipment for mixed drinks. 

Kimchi chronicles - I just started watching this and it moves a little slow, but the host, a part Korean part African American woman who found her Korean mother and family after being adopted in America, shares what she learned about Korean food. My sister is a great Korean cook and she has no recipe, just a memory of taste so this reminds me of her.

What inspires you?


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