Sunday Dinner Week #19: Steamed Fish, 2 Ways

November 22, 2009

Ok, so I'm one month late in posting this, but the thing about dinner is that everyone expects to eat, whether we feel like cooking or not, so we've still been cooking and taking pictures, even if the blog has been quiet.

I went to Philadelphia to do some presentations on technology and writing, as well as to talk about young adult literature and try to meet some authors. Yes, I'm a reading groupie. But after five days on the continent, the best welcome home dinner is something home grown.

Ken, the in-house fisherman and cook, made steamed fish, two ways using a weke ula and a "Joe Louis" or munu. Both of these are different types of goat fish. The weke ula was caught off Ken's kayak at Honomalino and the Joe Louis was caught at Kahuku Ranch (day time spear fishing). Goat fish are pretty versatile. They can be grilled and deep fried, but most people steam these fish because they have nice white, flakey meat.

Black Bean style steamed fish

Coat the fish with black bean/garlic sauce. Ken uses the Lee Kum Kee brand that comes in a short glass bottle. If you are a camper/fisherperson too, this is the sauce to put in your camping gear. Wrap in foil and steam. Some people put ti leaf between the fish and the foil, but the ti leaf will add cooking time.

Chinese style steamed fish

Put a few slices of ginger in the cavity and on top of the fish. Wrap in foil and steam. While it's steaming, fry bacon until crispy. Crumble bacon and save bacon oil. When fish is done steaming, pour shoyu on fish, top with minced ginger, green onion and crumbled bacon. Heat the bacon oil until smoking (if you want to be more healthy, use peanut oil). We have a 4" cast iron pan that is strictly for heating oil for steamed fish. Once the oil starts smoking, pour it over the fish. The magic is in the sizzle. Your guests will be impressed with your iron chef skills.


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