Sunday Dinner Week #20: Hawaiian Style Fast Food

November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend started our two weekend holiday craft fair run. My middle boy has a company, 808 ID, and he sells custom shoes, t-shirts, stickers, and trucker hats. Basically, he still continues to do all the other things, like cheerleading, baseball, school, and I work the fairs with my parents (Rockin H Ranch Wear). By Sunday, we're so brain dead and tired that Sunday dinner is whatever is pre-soaked in the meat department. Lucky we live Hawaii. We have our own version of ready-made or easy to cook food in Hawaii that suits our need for shoyu sugar.

From our local supermarket, KTA, try the soaked Korean style pork, shoyu sugar bonless chicken or teriyaki meat. A Foreman grill or a hibachi is the best way to cook these. While there, check out their poke selections. I like the Hawaiian style ahi because it's full of fresh ogo and inamona, but my husband likes the king crab with butter and my sons like the ahi shoyu. Their tofu furikake poke is the best in the islands. Eat it as is, or use it on your mixed greens salad in place of dressing. If you're ono for spicy ahi poke, Safeway has the best spicy ahi. From Sack n Save, try the wasabi ahi or the shoyu ahi (Ken's favorite shoyu ahi poke is from Sack n Save). I am not a fan of shoyu poke, only because I feel like the shoyu kills the taste of the fish, but poke it comes down to personal preference.

I physically can't stomach marlin, so unfortunately, I'm not a cheap date. What ready-to-eat or easy-to-cook local food do you buy from your local grocery store?


  1. welcome back and happy thanksgiving.

  2. Thank you! Happy holidays to you and your ohana.

  3. I ditto the recommendation of the soaked meats at KTA which at $3+ a pound (on sale) a good value in price and time. Beautiful salad should accompany the Korean Style Pork, like a bag of baby spinach topped with craisins and crumbled feta cheese. YUM!!

    If you have not tried KTA's roast beef with gravy, it is a definite must from the Deli section. The beef is like butter!! YUM x 2!!


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