NaPoWriMo Day 2: A Woman In Love

Yes, I know it's April 6, but I'm a slow starter, so food poem 2 for National Poetry Month.

A Woman in Love
What makes the earth move?
What makes you catch your breath?
Flutter your eyes?
What does he do to woo you?
Some women like private concerts,
muscle cars
unexpected flowers,
a hand held out,
a long kiss. . .
I like the singing of the line pulling off the reel,
the dance of concentration
as the boat slowly drifts on the tide
oblivious to this life battle,
this firm but gentle give and take,
the flash of blue and silver near the surface
the danger of being close,
he gingerly stalks the prize with the net,
aware that even now, at arms reach, he still could lose,
the heaviness of the papio in the net,
the arched, muscled gasp for breath,
the pig grunting in the alien air of the cooler,
and then the quiet sacrifice
of papio,
pan-sized whole or
filleted chunks
dredged in salt and flour
sizzling in the cast-iron pan
skin, crispy
flesh moist and hearty
white meat on white rice,
a meticulous drizzle of shoyu
the moment of ecstasy when the salt sea,
the supple fish and the soft of  my palette
share a memory of freedom and dancing,
the giddiness of patience rewarded
and this man's love for me captured
in a blue porcelain bowl.

Ken's papio recipe
One fish, cleaned
Mix salt and pepper in with the cornstarch
Score skin side of the fish so it doesn't curl
Dredge it in seasoned cornstarch
Fry in oil (canola or vegetable) until crispy and cooked through
* the skin will get crispy, but he knows it's done by feel
Serve with slices of lemon, shoyu and LOTS of hot rice


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