Becky's Sunday Birthday Dinner (Week #2)

Happy 20th birthday to my sister Becky! She's working in California, but we decided to have dinner for her anyway, then send pictures of dinner to her phone just to let her know we are eating in honor of her. If you can't torture your siblings, then what's the use of having them? Since she's been away for awhile, and since I've been laying around after my oral surgery, we had a Hawaiian food dinner made in our crock pots.

On the menu: crock pot laulau and crock pot chicken long rice. It cooks itself and I can lay around, especially when my husband starts the chicken long rice the night before AND shreds it before he goes to sleep. I had some cooked lau in the freezer, so if I just had one more crock pot I could have made chicken luau too, but I only have two crock pots. My secret to a complete Sunday dinner - invite people to dinner who will bring stuff I don't want to make. (So the complete menu: laulau, chicken long rice, poi, poke, lomi salmon on sale at KTA, mixed greens salad with feta and cranberry, rice) Nothing was low fat. This is a dinner for those that are not afraid of salt.

If you're not familiar with crock pot laulau, this is so easy and great when you need to bring something for potluck. Spray the crockpot with Pam, put some fresh lau on the bottom, then put oven ready pork butt (or deli roll), cut up in the middle, and cover with the rest of the lau. We used three deli rolls and 2 pounds of lau. Cover the crock pot and leave it alone on high for like 8 hours. When the lau looks like spinach, it's pau.

Next week is my dad's dinner, so while we are at a baseball clinic in Kona, we'll get some steaks from Costco because he's a rancher and a good ole' boy from the Buckeye State, so steak and corn on the cob. Until next week, good grinding!


  1. oops, was I supposed to spray the crockpot with pam? nope, didn't do it, that's why we soak and scrub...

  2. This particular family feast needs to happen again when I come home or I will be very upset.


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