Comfort Food Makes a Bad Day Better

Yesterday was a bad day, but there's no "crying over spilt milk," so despite my freaking out, Ken leaving his new cell phone on his bumper and driving away only to pick up pieces of his phone along the road, and Ahi having to show up at family court, we did what we always do at 6 pm -- we cooked. Here's Ken's "turn a frown upside down" recipe

Ken's Steamed Fish Chinese Style with Lup Cheong

  1. Clean fish and place on foil (we used these moana kali, but you can also use uhu, weke, weke ula, moana)
  2. Slice lup cheong
  3. Stuff stomach of fish with lup cheong and some ginger, julienned
  4. Put remainder of lup cheong on top of fish, and close foil to form a package
  5. Steam fish for about 1/2 an hour, depending on size (we cooked these two on the right)
  6. Open foil and pour shoyu to taste
  7. Top with chopped green onions
  8. Heat peanut oil* until smoking (works best in a small cast iron fry pan)
  9. Pour over fish (it should sizzle)
Serve with rice and grind.
* According to Ken, peanut oil is good because it has a high smoke point and it doesn't have too strong of a flavor. Canola oil is ok. If you have saved bacon fat, that's good too because, well, because it's BACON.

While cleaning up after dinner, I've realized that we really are fish people, because there were still goodies left in the foil (lup cheong), but the fishes were picked clean and everyone felt better, which I guess is why they call it comfort food.

What food comforts you?


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