Sunday Dinner Week #3

Last week was about making dinner the hands-free way with the slow cooker, but this week, I had to rush back from Kona to get dinner done by 6 p.m., so this week's dinner is the 30 minute, grill everything dinner with a Costco run on the way.

This is actually my mother's specialty because she is the seasoner in the family. My son has the tako eye, I have the super nose and my mother has the salt hands.

On the menu: ribeye steak (get the big cryo pack from Costco and cut it to whatever thickness you want), salmon packets and corn on the cob (buy local - Loeffler Farms), pound cake with mixed fruit and ice cream parfaits.

The secret is the salt. My mom makes her own seasoning, but use any kind of Hawaiian salt mixture. For the steak, salt the meat, rub with some minced garlic and drizzle a little bit of olive oil, and let it sit until the fire is done. If you have plenty people, let the steak sit, then cut it, but if you're feeling decadent, cut a steak per person (my boys will eat 2 each, no matter how thick it's cut or how much other food is on the menu).

For the salmon, cut salmon into steaks, put on a piece of foil, use the same salt mixture, a bit of olive oil and squeeze lemon on salmon, then close the foil to make packets. Put the packets on the grill for about 12 minutes. Do not turn over. The corn can also be on the grill (we parboiled ours first to speed it up). Be crazy with the seasoning - like butter, chili seasoning and parmesan - experiment.

Since the grill is already on, if you don't want to make s'mores, try making banana s'mores packets. Take a banana, make a lengthwise slit without taking the skin off, stuff the banana with mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips, then fold it into foil packets. Put on the grill after dinner is cooked, and when everyone is done eating, dessert is served.

What did you eat this Sunday?

Next week is a normal Sunday, then we're off to Compton, so next week's theme is still up in the air. I'll check today's paper and work on a thrifty meal. I also harvested basil yesterday, so I'll post our pesto recipe tomorrow. Until then, happy grinding!


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