Honolulu on the Cheap

I must confess that I am a self-described home body, so although I'm now in Honolulu, Hawaii's own city of lights, I really should get out more, but when I come home at 4:30ish, I'm home for good. I feel extremely blessed to be able to get to work and back without touching one freeway. I'm also blessed to be able to travel to work in 15 minutes (hmmm, same in Hilo. . .I must be a 15 minute girl).

One reason for not leaving the house is that I can hear the city buzzing outside. The freeway noise is a constant slow hum down the block, and until I hear cars passing by, that means the freeway is at a stop and go pace. The second reason is that it takes a lot of planning to go anywhere when there are like a million people and two million cars all in an area the size of Hilo town.

I vow to get out more, so I've been checking out several websites and I kind of like the Honolulu on the Cheap site.  Some sites have more coupons, but I'm not interested in coupons, because to really save money you don't need a coupon, you just don't need to buy it. You save 100%. This site seems to have more festivals and things to do for free, so I'll probably check out the Aloha Festivals block party on the 27th and the I Love Liliha festival on the 29th. The trick is to eat first and go enjoy the entertainment. :-)

Will post pics later. Have a great weekend.


  1. Ooh, from Hilo to Honolulu? That's a big change! Thanks for posting about Honolulu On The Cheap. I'm glad to hear that you find it useful. We try to maintain a balance of discounts and deals along with free events for residents and visitors alike. Sometimes it's a fine line! Enjoy the festival/block party.


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