Sunday Dinner Overkill: Dim Sum Madness

Every so often to keep the dinner excitement alive, someone will come up with a theme, so the theme was dim sum. Hubby is the dim sum seeker. Everytime we go to a new city, he urban spoon or googles the nearest dim sum restaurant. If we are the only ones speaking English, he is a happy Buddha.

Dim sum is normally served on small dishes with two or three pieces of dim sum. The key is to order a VARIETY - and that's where we got into overkill trouble. There are many dim sum recipes online, and I think we tried them all. I don't remember what was good or not because it was all good, but labor intensive, time intensive and over eat intensive. Here's the pics.
Dim sum using a pork mixture and won ton pi wrappers. My attempt at being fancy with the folding.
Shiu mai with a shrimp mixture using the shiu mai wrappers. The wrappers are thinner and harder to manage, so excuse the shoddy workmanship. I kept ripping the wrappers.
This lovely piece of dough turd actually hides a piece of oily lup cheong (Chinese sausage). Looks are deceiving. Behind it is the extra pork mixture put into shiu mai wrappers.
Ken's homemade char siu wrapped in Ken's homemade dough (bao) turns into char siu bao or manapua. What we couldn't control was the amount that the dough rose in the steamer. They just kept growing and pushing each other around.


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