Living Off the Dollar Menu

While we were setting up the apartment in Honolulu, we were on a mega strict budget and still trying to feed 5 mouths, so two meals were cheap (living off the dollar menu) and we saved one meal for a "splurge."

I did see Food Nation and that other documentary where he only eats at McDonald's for one year and he develops high blood pressure, obesity, etc. Still, breakfast on the dollar menu for 5 is not bad. Check the price.
 The most expensive item on the tray was a small coffee. The special for the dollar drink was any size for a dollar, plus we sat inside, so the kids got free refills before we left. So that's 5 breakfast burritos, two sausage biscuits, one sausage mcmuffin, four drinks and a small coffee.

We can't eat this way all the time, but sometimes food is just sustenance, so we were ok with going cheap for breakfast.


  1. try finding a fresh apple for under a dollar. Or a half-ripe peach for that matter.


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