3 day countdown: RIF

RIF - reading is fundamental -
Uh oh, perhaps I should have started reading earlier. I realize that this is a plant strong menu. I just didn't realize HOW plant strong.

Expected minimum food consumption per day--
1 pound of raw veggies
1 pound of cooked veggies
at least 4 fresh fruits
1 cup of beans/legumes

That's an OBSCENE amount of food to try and eat and digest!

2 out of 4 fruits for the day - that's about one and 3/4 pounds of grapefruit and only half the required intake.

Two whole bags of green beans - 1 bag to be eaten raw, 1 bag cooked still only gives me 1/2 a pound of raw and 1/2 a pound of cooked out of the expected two pounds.

Is there such a thing as vegan spam and beans?
Lo and behold, found me a recipe for vegan spam, but I'll post the pilfered photos, and have at it if you dare.

Here's the ingredients for vegan spam, and to make the shape, you use a tin can to form the concoction.

Need to start saving my cans so Big Spazz can eat vegan spam and beans.  :) Got donations of clean cans?


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