Flirting with Veggies

This past year, I have been on a faith journey. Basically, I believe that I just prepare for anything, and the neon signs will light up for me to show me the path that I need to take. My faith journey has found me teaching high school again for one year, moving to Honolulu, starting my doctoral studies, spending a year with my oldest son, teaching educators in South Africa. Not everything made sense, and I can't explain how I got all of these opportunities handed to me, except to say that I am on a faith journey.

Now that my year is over, I believe that I'm still being led by neon signs, I'm just not as swift to jump at it, but I'm still going to listen.

The neon sign that is loudly flashing in my life now: get healthy, eat healthy, live plant strong.
My friend Liana (So Duck Soup) has changed her life around and she is the most powerful cheer leader and motivational speaker I know. We've also been following Johnny O "Big Sexy"'s blog about taking on the 6 week challenge and going vegan. "Big Sexy" has a lot in common with my own "Big Sexy."  Still, I am not at the point where I'm ready to follow the neon sign. For now, I'm just flirting with using more veggies, taking familiar recipes and trying out more healthy substitutions. 

Yes, I will follow that sign. . .but first a little foreplay.


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