Ready or Not

With 40 people on this challenge so far, most of us busy working moms, time management becomes just as big a challenge as changing our menu. We are spending a stressful night trying to figure out what's for breakfast/lunch/dinner tomorrow?

No breakfast until after my glucose and weigh in so making enough Coach's Oats to go, putting some nuts in containers and putting some oats in containers so Big Spazz can take it camping this weekend. I'll put the fruits in tomorrow. Packing some decadent loose herbal masala chai tea to replace my mug of coffee.

Lunch: lots of salad, and hot veg of the day with homemade balsamic vinaigrette
Snacks: edamame, apple, banana

Dinner: Big salad, Lisa's lovely lentil stew and Big Spazz will have his one serving of brown rice since he'll probably have a smoothie instead of oatmeal tomorrow morning.  His planning ahead has to do with to rice or not to rice - that IS the question and whether tis better to give up the oatmeal forever for a promise of brown rice for dinner.
Other questions to ponder from page 216: "The Six Week Plan"
  • If white potatoes are limited to one serving, and rice (with no ethnicity marker) in front of it is also on the list, does that mean that white rice or hapa rice is actually a limited and not an off limits item? Does the ethnicity designator on the rice actually count? What about wild rice? Does its untamed nature keep it as a whole grain or could it be a sprout? Or a legume?
  • Where does quinoa fit in? Is it a whole grain when it is small enough to look like a seed?
  • Chia seed is equivalent to flaxseed, but if you sprout the chia, then does it become a raw veg?
  • Here's the bag of chia seed that I got at the Down to Earth closing sale. It kind of looks like ant eggs and termite doods but it's supposed to contain lots of omega 3 (1 T. max per day). If Down to Earth didn't run out of their sprouting jars, I could have tried growing the chia to make sprouts. So isn't it better to grow the seed and eat it as a raw vegetable? Are chia seeds not the origin of chia pets? If not, then why do they name them the same thing?
  •  And finally, with all the emphasis on unlimited beans and legumes, why does the book not talk about the flatulence issue? Jonny O in his jonnyogoesvegan blog talks about his "Mount Big Sexy" erupting and his Grandfarter Clock going off at night, but Dr. F doesn't hint at the storms coming and nobody else I know who has been on the challenge talks about how they deal with the mighty winds. Is it not a problem? Does your body suddenly absorb bean gasses into its system? Is it the farting that cleanses the colon and prevents colon cancer? Have you seen my office? It's a cubicle with no air circulation. I'm alone in there. There is no blaming the dog. I'm freaking myself out now and this fasting is making my stomach gurgle. Can I recall that mass email I sent to the staff offering my help with their goals and letting them know that they should just stop by my office? Scary.


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