4 Day Countdown: "What is six weeks?"

After spending the weekend in Honolulu at graduate classes, I had to let my friends and family know that we were going to change our eating habits come September 1. What was great was that although we got some funny faces, and, "ugh, I could never give up. . ." everyone was very supportive. I'm on tap to cook Sunday dinner next week so my mom asked what vegan dish I was going to make. . . Chef AJ's disappearing lasagna. I could see the cogs in her head turning and by the time she was in the kitchen washing dishes, she had decided what vegan dish she was going to make for the next Sunday. With all the support, we have no choice but to succeed. The pressure is on.

Like Liana says, "what is six weeks?"
Well, six weeks is
42 days. . .1008 hours. . . 60,480 minutes. . . 3,628,800 seconds
Whoa - that's long!

So what can you do in six weeks?

In six weeks, Lifehacker Fitness says they can take you from zero to one hundred push ups.
If you've been pregnant for six weeks, your baby looks like this -
A fetus only a mother can love.

 According to psychologists, it takes 6 weeks to form a good habit, and hopefully that's how long it takes to break a bad habit.

 At six weeks, a puppy should be weaned and ready to adopt.

It takes six weeks to recover from major surgeries like back surgery, hysterectomies and heart surgery

And finally, in six weeks, Big Spazz and I will hopefully be leaner, meaner, plant eating machines.

The next four days will be spent on menu planning and staples buying. More on Thursday.


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