Day 15 - 19 Paleo Log

They (meaning our Cross Fit, Imua Challenge coaches) say that Week 3 is supposed to make you feel more energized, but I am feeling more run down and flat tire-ish so LOSER on me. Plus, I stepped on the scale at the doctor's office and only saw a measly 3 pound weight loss!!!!!!

3 pounds is good if you're 5 pounds overweight, but when I am 50 pounds+ overweight, 3 pounds means that I will be fat 4EVER.

Anyway, I was not starving myself and I ate, so I will try to be less pathetic and record my food intake, although somehow I donʻt remember any cheats - how convenient.

Day 15 - 19 
The same freaking breakfast I've been eating for the past 13 days: mini meat and veggie frittata muffins
Seasonal fruit
Herbal tea
Weekend breakfast - which Big Spazz lovingly cooks - some kind of meat he smoked himself and some veggies and some eggs

Hugh Jass salad with my favorite vinaigrette 
Some kind of meat
Small 1/2 fruit
Leftover occasionally

Goat curry (I will post directions when I get the recipe from Big Spazz)
Mustard chicken thighs with cauliflower rice (my trick is to pulse the cauliflower in small batches or it doesn't come to the right consistency)
Prime rib and salad with crab and shrimp (OK, it was a special occasion and we went to a buffet so our portion sizes were WAAAAAYYYYY off and I don't think I really took salad. I took a plate of desserts and soft serve ice cream bar for myself, though).
Carnitas - said no to the refried beans, but not to the homemade Spanish rice or to the two corn tortillas (or to the tres leche cake with homemade whip cream that Big Spazz made)
Hamburger steak with onions and mushrooms, salad

Phew - I think I gained those 3 pounds back.

Today is Monday, and it is a new day. 


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