Easy Shabu Shabu

Have some chopped up veggies and an electric skillet and you've got dinner - shabu shabu is a super easy Japanese version of hot pot. Serve it with some ponzu sauce and enjoy your family around the dining room table.

The broth: water, 2 large strips of kombu (seaweed), slivers of ginger, shiitake pieces (I also added some dehydrated daikon). Get the broth simmering in the pot to get the flavor out of the ginger and broth (about 1/2 an hour at a slow boil). Take out the konbu and ginger before serving.

The cooking options:
Any kind of choi (bok choi, choi sum, ung choi)
won bok, mustard cabbage, purple spinach
any kind of fungus (shiitake, wood ear mushroom, Chinese black fungus)
any kind of noddle (optional - glass noodle, udon, mochi strips)

Stir it in the broth, swish it around, let it cook, take it out and dip in ponzu. Choose to go vegetarian, or not.


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