Sunday Shopper:


Island Naturals' customer appreciation Sunday (15% off of everything but sale items and produce) is the best time to buy pantry items that are too expensive to buy without some kind of discount (prices are pre-discount):

  • Tofutti plain cream cheese $4.89 -- use for pantry scones, tofu ricotta gnocchi
  • Soyrizo $5.49 - for tofu scramble and slow cooker 'uala enchilada
  • Tofurky Italian sausage $6.29 for spaghetti diablo and sausage and pepper subs
  • Tofurky kielbasa $6.29 for quinoa jambalaya 
  • bulk peanut butter $3.49/lb. for 'ono 'ono shake green smoothies, hail to the kale dressing with PB substitute
  • Wheat gluten $8.79/bag for making seitan
  • Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla almond milk $2.99 for vegan eggnog
  • Taaza's Jewel Dal (Indian convenience food) $3.99 on sale for 2 dinners

Kilauea Market

  • Green onion bao $2.89 for 9 pieces (for Sunday pupus)

  • coconut milk $1.79 (cheaper here than Island Naturals or Kilauea Market) for Thai curry and banana caramel bread pudding
  • konnyaku $1.95 for miso soup
  • mochiko (rice flour) for gift giving (Big Spazz's famous peanut butter mochi, peanut butter cup mochi or truffle mochi
  • straw mushrooms $1.29 for Thai curry
  • Hershey's baking cocoa $3.99 for 'ono 'ono shake green smoothie


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