Prepping for November 1st with new goal

Just for kicks, I decided to take a "Type A" personality test online and out of a score of 100% (with 100% being totally Type A), I scored an 83%. If this were a grade in school, I would be totally irritated, but since it's not, I have enough control to say, "I'm ok, you're ok, we're all ok." See, that's why I'm not a totally Type A person.

Things that I do have: 
  • time urgency - I want results NOW!
  • highly competitive
  • ambitious
  • controlling
  • results-oriented
That's why when I'm watching the weight go down for Big Spazz and I'm not hitting my 10% at the same time, I get a little irritated - NOT because I'm not happy for him, but because I want the same results  within the same time period. 

In order to tap into a more harmonious, peaceful me, especially since I'm only competing with myself, I vow to not worry about my weight for the new 6-week challenge starting on November 1. Instead, I'm focusing on a more important goal: fit into my vintage peacock dress.

This dress is older than me, but I got it at a church bazaar about ten years ago and if my memory serves me right, I think I have approximately ten pounds to go before the middle part of this dress no longer bunches up. It's totally zipped but it has a full cotton liner in the dress and I'd have to pull down and suck in or wear some spanx in order to actually smooth this dress out. 

So this is pre November 1 challenge goal. Hopefully, at the end of the 6 weeks, I can take another picture in this dress (and clean my room) and it will fit better.

If you're interested in joining the fun, like my friend's Facebook page: So Duck Soup and let her know you're interested in Eating to Live. 


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