Vegan Chocolate Fondue

I despise Halloween!!!!!
I live for sugar and chocolate and I have no shame in stealing my children's candy. They know all peanut M&Ms are mommy's for fear of crankiness and pouting.

If I could, I would avoid the whole thing, but Big Spazz loves, loves, loves Halloween. He pushes himself to come up with a new costume for himself EVERY year. People expect him to make his own costume and he shows up at work in costume as if he were some kid. Seriously! Who shows up at the office wearing a costume? One year, he decided not to wear a costume and the secretaries almost rioted. He had to actually go home and put a costume on. Some of his memorable ones: The grape from Fruit of the Looms - with grape colored balloons (how did he sit down), a big blue Leggo, a cow complete with his fishing bell and udders (ok that one was a little obscene).

I love that Modern Family episode where Mitchell is told that everyone will dress up at the office and he shows up in a Spiderman costume but no one dresses up. It's a prank. He goes into the bathroom to try and change, ends up wearing his suit over the costume and squeaks when he walks. That's my greatest fear and why I'm not a big costume wearer. It's always a risk for me. Will I be the only one? Big Spazz is the only one and he don't care. One of the reasons why I love him.

Since Big Spazz is serious about it and actually made our costumes, I wanted to serve a dessert for Halloween that could still be fairly healthy and satisfied my monster of a sweet tooth. This slow cooker fondue had the two grandmas licking their plates, it was that good. They actually went for thirds and we had a really big dinner, so it's definitely a keeper recipe.

Slow Cooker Vegan Chocolate Fondue
12 ounces semisweet vegan chocolate chips
3/4 cup soymilk
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Put it in a slow cooker on high and cook until the chips are melted and the sauce is smooth.

The sauce looked really thick, but I've screwed up when trying to thin chocolate out, so I resisted the urge to thin it out with more soy milk. If I had some pretzels it would have been a good sweet and salty taste profile, but it was just as good with banans and strawberries.

Pretzels are not on the Fuhrman plan, but I wonder what else I could dip in this fondue for a crunchy texture that will go with chocolate?

Or is there such a thing as fat free, salt free vegan pretzels? I'm really ono for pretzels now.


  1. Chalk that up for one successful dessert without killing us with caloric overload!! Mahalo.


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