The Vitamix Divide

With all this renewed energy from eating a nutritarian diet, I decided to go back for my doctorate in education, so put that down as another perk of eating healthy -- diminished decision making that's attributed to an over exaggeration of one's full capacity to "grab the bulls by the horn." After all, this eating stuff or rather this NOT eating stuff that's bad for us is so "DUCK SOUP." It's already the 5th week. I could go another five years, so the logic then is that every challenge in life now is duck soup too.

Yeah. . . no.

I dare you to sit in my statistics class for three hours on a Friday night and tell me that from the thirty pages of data you can write a coherent  5 page recommendation report based on some box plot and a roaming t element that can either mean a t score, a t test or a t statistic.

Ok, enough whining.

The point is for everything I'm learning, I try to connect it in as many different arenas of my life as possible. I try to make the connections for my students, and I try to make those connections with myself. My tech class essay was on the digital divide - that seeming wall between the haves and the have nots in regards to technology and access. What I really wanted to write about, though, was the Vitamix Divide -- that seeming wall between those who have no Vitamix (me when we started this challenge, Macanas', Brownies) and those who have a Vitamix (Hondas, Bakers, Langs?? and now me).

As someone who has been on both sides of the divide (mainly for financial reasons - you know doctorate, private school costs, one more son in college, the audacity of the government to NOT see that we deserve financial aid because what we make on paper is strictly theoretical - voodoo economics and all that), I must say the grass (or green smoothies) really are better on the other side.

To ease the shock of the investment (I'm not going to lie, it's expensive - like sell a kidney on the black market expensive), I have been dutifully using it every morning and sometimes twice a day.

It will blend pretty much everything - this was one morning's green smoothie ingredients: peach, spinach, carrots, broccoli, frozen bananas, frozen strawberry, prunes, oranges, soy milk - basically any leftover raw veggies or random fruit go into the smoothies and some days are better than others, but that's breakfast. I have to get better at color combinations - it's like mixing watercolors - if you're not aware of the color combinations, everything you make looks like baby doodoo brown - but it's the taste and nutrition that counts.

I don't want to be some elitist Vitamix snob,  but I do love, love, love my red Vitamix. It's like the red Porsche I never had. So if selling your kidney is an option, I'd think about it.


  1. It is an amazing machine. You and I both had to wear down our husbands but much in the same way they picked us they know a good thing...eventually.


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