Why I Love My Hubby

  1. He is Po from Kung Fu Panda, complete with attitude

2. He shows up to all our children's events, both big and small, and keeps me in the loop when I'm not able to be there. (Pono playing saxophone in the band - his first football game performance - and I was sitting at UH Manoa in a statistics class). He's in the back, closest to the end of the tent playing the saxophone.

3. He brought me pretzels last night after I posted about the vegan chocolate fondue and how I wished that I had some low salt, semi-healthy pretzels to go with the fondue. They happened to be in his truck, partially eaten already and in a Ziploc.
Me:  Hmmm, how come you didn't share these earlier honey?
BS: (Ignoring the question) See, I told you I read your blog.

So Big Spazz's choice for the perfect dipping pretzel to go with the vegan chocolate fondue. (According to him, it has less sodium than low sodium shoyu, which has less sodium than Braggs Amino, etc.

Happy Halloween to my Po! Love, purple Testris "T" girl.


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