After the Show

We started the Dr. Fuhrman 6 week challenge on September 1 and it wouldn't be a true challenge if there weren't some obstacles that we had to overcome. Our first one started on the first weekend when I flew to Molokai to sail with Nainoa Thompson and Ken went camping near South Point. Homemade kim chee, pipikaula, sausage, bacon -- we still survived. We survived both of our birthdays and the dreaded "what are we going to eat for dinner" dilemma.

Since I forced Big Spazz along, I felt it was time to interview him to really see how he felt.

RSC:  how did you do?
  BS: It was tough in the beginning, but I got used to it, it wasn't bad. (He won't say, but in the 6 weeks, he lost 10% of his body weight)

What was your biggest obstacle and how did you overcome that obstacle?
   Trying to figure out what to eat, and I found a lot more things to eat than I thought I'd find, but I don't think I've overcome that challenge. I'm always thinking about it.

What did you feel was going to be difficult, but really wasn't?
  I thought the hardest thing was going to be eating the one pound of raw and one pound of cooked vegetables per day, but it wasn't a problem because I never did get there.

What was the first thing off the list that you ate after the challenge?

What's your next step?
   Trying to mix the nutritarian lifestyle with normal stuff in moderation, continue exercising, take salads for lunch and continue eating this way for the majority of our meals (plus drink coffee again unless we're on another 6 week challenge).

What were some of your favorite things to eat on the challenge?
   Chef AJ disappearing lasagna
   veggie summer rolls
   peach and mango salsa
   homemade tortilla chips with guacamole
   no oil hummus
   veggie chili
   date-chocolate-cherry balls
   fruity green smoothies

What advice would you give others looking into this type of lifestyle?
Ummmmmmmmm - it's not that bad. There's actually a lot of good things you can eat; just be creative.

   We've still got a long way to go, but it's been a pretty good start.


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