De-Clutter Monday: Fishing for Earrings

My house should be totally organized, decluttered, clean. Funny thing - the declutter calendar does not make accommodations for the other people living in the house. If it did, every other day would be to clean up after other people day.

Here's a simple thing I came up with myself so that I could do something in 5 minutes and make it look like I was productive.

I love earrings until about 4:00 pm when no matter where I am, I need to get them off because I feel like my earlobes are growing into Buddha ears. The problem is that I have earrings all over the place.

Simple solution: hang the long ones on a pen/pencil cup and put the smaller ones in a mini fishing tackle box (the ones with the two layers and compartments). Also, have a tray to catch the stray earrings until you have time to put them away.


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