Palusami Failure

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -- Winston Churchill
Mama Duck from So Duck Soup raved about her slow cooker palusami  and taro leaves were on sale at Safeway, so why not.  It didn't come out, but as Churchill suggests, I will go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Dust off and try again.

I had some leftover mushrooms from my mushroom barley soup so I added that, a zucchini left from camping and some garlic as well as onions.
 I put my coconut milk.

But my leaves were huge, which means that it made bambucha-sized foil bundles, so large that I could fit one on the bottom of my slow cooker. Plan B - I put ti leaf on the bottom of the slow cooker, put half the taro leaves , then all the stuff and coconut milk. Cover with the rest of the leaves and more ti leaf on top. Then I had to stuff it down so the cover would fit. 

Big Spazz had to be called in to stuff it down.

All day in the slow cooker and this is what it looked like.

It was good, BUT, not the promised yumminess.

What maybe went wrong:
Mama Duck calls for 1-2 cans of coconut milk, but looking at the picture, it's more like 3-4 cans of coconut milk, so maybe more coconut milk.

I needed a little inamona or something? Chili pepper water? Shoyu? It tasted bland. Did the zucchini and mushroom which are high in liquid throw off the taste?

Plan C:
Add more coconut milk

Plan D:
Just onions plus more coconut milk


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