Vegetarian Jap Chae

The key to jap chae, a Korean noodle dish, is the sweet potato or glass noodles. I tried to make it with the summer rolls noodles that we have in Hilo, but according to my sister, Palama Market in Honolulu is the place to get the right noodles.
Ingredients: (besides the noodles, any kinds of veggies will work)
1 bundle of glass noodles
cabbage, shredded
carrot, shredded
onion, chopped
red, yellow or orange pepper, chopped
shiitake mushrooms, sliced
straw mushrooms
green onion, sliced

While prepping the veggies, soak the noodles in cold water for about 10 minutes and get water boiling in a pot. I put the dried shiitake in the water while it started boiling.

Boil the noodles for about 3-4 minutes, then drain and rinse. Noodles should be soft, but not mushy.
Saute the veggies with water, some garlic, and if you want, some mushroom sauce (vegan oyster sauce). You can combine veggies that take about the same amount of time to saute.

Put all the veggies in the bowl with the noodles. As for seasoning, I had to use a few teaspoons of sesame oil to massage into the noodles, and then I used low sodium shoyu and sesame seeds to taste.


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