"Noritos" or Lazy Girl's Sushi

Mama Duck, via Juliana Hever, the Plant Based Dietician, blogged about noritos, or burritos wrapped in nori. There are mediterranean noritos with hummus, sundried tomatoes; Mexican noritos with guacamole, jicama and salsa, and the Asian norito.

The problem? Lookie at this face
we are Oriental - certain things cannot be done, including putting hummus and guacamole in a piece of nori. Aiyaaa?! Sacrilege.

The good part? I have been absolved from making sushi with the ingredients exactly centered in the middle of a perfectly round roll. These oriental noritos make the perfect grab and go lunch to take on long road trips, or for a snack while watching sports.
 Besides the rice with sushi vinegar, we like to use this nori tsukudani (in the non-refrigerated Asian section). It's nori paste - a VERY little goes a long way.

Softened dried shiitake mushrooms (put it in a pan with water, bring it to boil and boil for a few minutes), drain and quick stir fry with a little vegan oyster sauce or mushroom sauce.

Seaweed salad - I'm not sure if this is widely available outside of Hawaii, but this is called "Ocean salad" and is basically made up of seaweed, sesame seed and flavoring

Slivered cucumbers for crunch

Pickled carrot and daikon mix (Big Spazz will give the recipe as soon as he remembers to figure out what he actually does) - we use this for our Vietnamese ban mi sandwiches

The process: lay down the rice (we used hapa - part white, part brown because that's what we had). Use a little bit of nori tsukudani (Juliana uses miso instead)

Build, wrap flat - like other sushi, if you fill it more, use a little water on the edge to hold it together.

After the initial norito, my fam wanted modification. Boy Boy didn't want shiitake and BS wanted kimchee added (below)

Since we were personalizing, a chopped up some pickled ginger

This one's going in our Evernote keeper folder.

The must have staple for these: shiitake sauteed in mushroom sauce, cucumber and a little bit of nori tsukudani. Next time - daikon sprouts, takuan, shiso leaves. . .can't wait!!

Boy Boy wants a spicy ahi norito - but one day at a time.


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