Chasing Away the Blues with Comfort Food

Big Spazz was a sad, sad, puppy last night. His body is reacting to too many carrots and he feels like he's going to hurl if he has to eat one more bite of salad. With not even one week down, I felt like I needed to really take care of his spirit by taking care of his tummy.

I went back to his roots by making his version of "chicken soup" - Miso soup with goodies and buckwheat soba.

I usually use dashi to make miso soup, but that just adds salt and MSG. I just used water and started it boiling as I rehydrated my dehydrated daikon (from Marukai) and dried shiitake. When the veggies are rehydrated, slice and put back in. Besides the miso, I added cut up slices of sushi nori and tofu. We used the miso soup as a broth for the soba noodles. Up the veggie count by adding mustard cabbage, bok choy or pak choy blanched.

The good news: Big Spazz asked me to make him a salad for lunch so back to happy puppy.


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