Ken I. the Science Guy

My day started off pretty good until I went to take my blood pressure test. I am normally a low blood pressure kind of gal and all of sudden I am on the borderline of needing meds? Glucose - fine; weight - I've been heavier; height - shrinking; but blood pressure - "go see your doctor."

Can I be less busy? Not really, so this diet is the key for me. Suddenly the stakes are higher. Good. A little pressure is a wonderful motivator.

Speaking of motivation, Big Spazz has finally embraced the challenge and in true Ken I. fashion, he is taking on this 6-week challenge with the logic of a scientist. He is actually reading every word, getting corroborating evidence from other food blogs and in true chef fashion, making lists and menus. I on the other hand, since I am the reading specialist, skim for what I need today and skip the chapters that look too much like science or math. I have faith in other people's reading abilities and the fact that it's not on the best seller list because nobody read it.

Big Spazz, mad scientist, is very strict on the rice or oatmeal option because if he sways from the plan, then the experiment is ruined. He also made some apples for snack today and then called to tell me that he read in the book and on other food blogs that under this plan snacking is not encouraged because you must learn to listen to your body and know the signs of hunger versus boredom. 

Well I have pre-cut apples in a bag and they look nice and juicy, so now I'm hungry and I'm going to eat them. I am not bored. In fact, I am very busy and almost harried. He will tsk, tsk at my not heeding his phone call and as he strictly adheres to the parameters, and promptly loses more weight than me, I will have a lasting memory of an apple, crunchy, sweet and gone. 

I really can't complain. My complacency at knowing what I want to do but not really going all out to preplan has opened up the way for his need to make sure that dinner is on the table at a certain time. Last night, he had a list of all the veggies and fruits on sale  for the week at the three major supermarkets. Today he is pre-scouting the health food store so that we can return again tonight. I'm sure he is using our taxpayer's time to scour menus so he won't have to fall off the band wagon when he goes camping this weekend. 

I hope everyone is so lucky to have a supportive partner in this challenge. Good luck and happy eating.


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