Open Letter to Big Spazz

To my honey,

This is an open letter to my Big Spazz who I am so proud of. After just five days, you have already dropped 11 pounds to my 1.5. You have survived the temptations of camp:
Fried kole

Smoked meat

Fried rice with homemade kimchee, steak, kalbi, stuffed salmon, sheepikaula, BBQ sheep ribs, apple turnovers and pumpkin pie. Instead you ate your veggies, fruits, oatmeal and no coffee. You are on your way! Now that you are an expert at weight loss, I need your help. Here's three reasons why I NEED a Vitamix.

Reason #1: You wouldn't send me to work with my panty showing right?
Our 20-year old Osterizer blender does not chop up kale into smoothy goodness. Instead, it chops it up into curly parsley that  finds every single crack and crevice of my teeth. Not a pretty sight. Do you see those parsley sized pieces of kale in my cup? Poor me.

Reason #2: Everyone is doing it
Here are some of my blogspirations and they ALL use Vitamix.

Yummy Diet Food
Green Monster Movement
Healthy Girl's Kitchen
Dr. Fuhrman
Chef AJ
Everyone is doing it, so why can't I?

Reason #3:Boy 3's birthday, my birthday and your birthday are in the challenge window
What better birthday treat than to make non-ice cream ice cream, strawberry sorbets or almond butter, banana and cocoa smoothies? It will be the best birthday(s) ever and the ice cream will go great with your sugar free vegan carrot birthday cake.

Please think about this small $359 request. What's $359 in a 6 week challenge? That's $60/week which would normally equal the amount of money we spend on meat alone. By not buying meat, we're already paying for the Vitamix machine that we don't actually own.



  1. Come on, Big Spazz! Even the chief in my home was reluctant to purchase one. It took numerous trips to Costco to convince him and now he's in love with our Vitamix. Well maybe not in love but he is definitely in love with the chocolate cherry smoothies and strawberry banana sorbets it whips up in no time. You will use it just about EVERYDAY. And they have the BEST customer service EVER. I play my vitamix on the phone to them and they can tell if it needs repair!! Gosh, it's the price of half a paddleboard!


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