Getting Better One Day at a Time

10 out of 42 days down and we're finally getting better at buying and cooking. We actually had enough food in the refrigerator to have some variety for breakfast this morning.
Big Spazz had fruit salad topped with cranberry granola
Boy 3 had miso soup and brown rice
I had oats cooked with blueberries and dates topped with fruit salad, chia seeds and some soymilk.

Ken even went to a UH football watching party and brought his own snacks: fruit salad, homemade baked pita chips, babaghanoush, mango/pineapple/cilantro salsa, no oil hummus and guacamole.

When we tell others what we're doing, a lot of people say, "oh I could never do that, I'd miss my meat."
We both can honestly say we don't miss the meat. We don't think about it. What we do miss is the convenience of food. It's so easy to eat junks. It's so easy to take a slab of ribs, put it in the slow cooker and douse it with barbeque sauce. When we get home, dinner is ready. We miss the ability to try special things, and not necessarily the specific everyday things that we'd normally just shove in our mouth mindlessly.

Now when we get home, everything is made fairly fresh so there's a lot of preparation and a LOT of dishes. Big Spazz is consumed with what we'll eat next and that continues to be a challenge.

What's your biggest challenge and what do you miss?


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