Vitamix Practice

Big Spazz got me a big, red refurbished Vitamix for my birthday to go with my favorite red rubber slippers! Fun, fun, fun!

With a glut of veggies and fruits all threatening to go bad at once, I've been putting anything and everything in the Vitamix. Some have been good and some have been fails, but even with the fails, the verdict from Big Spazz is, "that thing blends the hell out of everything." He finally knows what my green chai smoothie is supposed to look like, although he kind of misses the dregs of dates in his cup from our old machine.
In the blender: carrots, onion, garlic, veg broth, silky tofu, minced ginger
Carrot ginger soup with clouds of floating silky tofu 
A real chai smoothie, no furikake kale to get stuck in my teeth

Leftover fruit salad from this weekend, 1/2 tsp. vanilla, 4 cups of ice

Melon ice
I'm so amazed that the mixer actually makes the soup hot. When I lifted the cover steam actually came out. Magic. The carrot soup was really nice and creamy. It tasted like it was salted even if it wasn't. The problem was that the ginger, even in small amounts made the soup so spicy that we couldn't finish it. Next time, I'm trying it without the ginger.

The kale chai smoothie was nice and creamy and with the bigger container, I had enough to save for another day.

The melon ice was a winner. It tasted fresh and cool on this muggy night and even though I don't like any melons, this hit the spot.

We loves our Vitamix :-)


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