Stuck on 4: (or who the hell is Hugh Jass?)

Now that we're done with the 2nd week of the challenge, I must say, I'm a little fartless (not literally, I'm actually quite gassy).
I have been stuck on 4 pounds total weight loss for 2 weeks.

Here's what made me more mad:
Big Spazz (BS):  I've been stuck too.
Me:  Really, you've been stuck on 11 while I've been stuck on 4?
BS: No, I mean I've been stuck for two days  on 18.
Me: [silence. . .then nothing]

I have decided to go back to THE book and read between the lines, but I don't need to infer. In plain black and white it says to try and eat 2 pounds of veggies minimum. I know I'm not eating two pounds of vegetables per day. Is anybody? How?

My two part plan for week 3:
Commit to looking at salad as the main dish
do more cardio exercises

I found the recipe for the Hugh Jass salad from Peas and Thank You,  It's got a huge amount of salad for the base, other raw vegetables, a little bit of protein, a little bit of extras and a little bit of dressing.
Lunch time has been a challenge to actually finish this Hugh Jass salad, probably because it has been weighing in at about half a pound.

Me: Who is this Hugh Jass anyway? Is he a collegue of Dr. Furhman? I'm not trying to be pushy, but this Hugh Jass better get me off this 4 pound plateau. I'm not ingesting half a pound of raw veggies for nothing
BS: [laughing] say it fast.
Smart Jass!


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