By request: Valentine's Chocoflan

Several people have asked for this recipe, so I'm passing it along. This was our Valentine's dessert that we saw on the Food Network show "Easy Mexican" and so we tried it.

If you want to try it, here's the recipe courtesy of Marcela Vallolid, 2009 - Food Network.

It's a little more difficult, but really yummy! The flan is creamy, but not too sweet, and the chocolate cake makes a nice counterpoint because it's not too chocolaty and overpowering. What we thought was really cool was that you put the caramel on the bottom of the bundt pan, then the cake, and then the flan mixture. As you pour the flan mixture in, it starts seeping into the cake mix until the cake mix rises up to the top so that when you flip it over, the flan is on top.
Caramel on bottom, then put the cake mix in.

As soon as the flan mixture is poured in, the cake mix starts showing.

What we found: 
  • Make sure the water is hot in the roasting pan, and stick with the 1" of water suggestion. 
  • The recipe asks you to cover it with foil, but after about an hour, we found that the cake was not setting, so we took the foil off and the cake went for another 20 minutes. Just keep checking. I think our oven temperature is not accurate. 
  • We could not find cajeta or dolce de leche at our local supermarkets, so we used plain old bottled caramel.


  1. A most fabulous dessert!! ******* on a ***** scale.

  2. The pic of the chocolate showing in the top is incorrect.


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