Sunday Dinner Week #29: Superbowl

If it's Superbowl, then the party's at our house. It's one of those traditions. Halloween at the Tokunagas, early Halloween trunk or treat at the Brownies, and Superbowl in the Ikeda's garage. On Superbowl Sunday, our garage turns into Ken's man cave with projector, tvs, picnic tables, comfy chairs and full coolers. In the kitchen, he's in charge of the menu, which must include lots of pupu, and enough food to keep people eating all day. 
The Hawaiian party
The art of hosting a Hawaiian style party is to have enough food so that the platters don't look like we're running out of something. Otherwise, as the host, that's "shame." On the other hand, there's a fine line between having more than enough and having an obscene amount of food. I think we did pretty good this year because we had enough to let everyone take home food, and we were left with enough for only one dinner. If we're eating leftovers all week and we have to freeze things besides hot dog buns or potato rolls, that's an obscene amount.
The Menu
  • assorted poke
  • Ken's homemade salsa with chips
  • Ken's homemade clam dip with chips and veggies
  • crab rangoons
  • deep fried spam and kamaboko in won ton pi
  • chili
  • hot dogs
  • pulled pork with barbeque sauce for sandwiches
  • pork roast for sandwiches
  • assorted salads
  • Buffalo wings
  • Galen's homemade haupia sweet potato pie
  • make your own yellow and red velvet cupcakes
  • Minnesota purple jello (because I really wanted the Vikings in the Superbowl)


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