Weeknight concoction - parfait surprise

Ever finish dinner, start watching television and get that restless feeling? That seems to happen to us about Wednesday or Thursday. Usually whatever dessert I've made on Sunday is gone, but something's missing. It's not hunger, dinner is over. It's just that we feel, well, unfinished. It's too late to make cupcakes (plus, in the middle of the week, we're usually out of eggs). We've got ice cream, but not enough for a full bowl for everyone. I don't want to spend more than a few minutes between shows. Hmmmmm. This week's middle of the week concoction - Parfait Surprise.

Duck soup directions:
  • 5 minute instant pudding, fat free and put into wine goblets. It's truly 5 minutes and you just need one box of mix and 2 1/2 cups of milk
  • Once pudding is set, slice some apple bananas (the last of the bunch from Saturday's farmer's market foray)
  • leftover neopolitan ice cream 
  • chopped up macadamia nuts - 
Sounds like your standard parfait, nothing surprising, except that the only macadamia nuts we had were garlic and chives flavored macadamia nuts, so I put it through the nut grinder and sprinkled it on.

The chives taste was really strong, but it was an interesting counterpoint to the sharp, sweet, cold of the ice cream and the mellow pudding.  It's easy, it keeps your tongue guessing, and it fulfilled that something-something.
I did learn that for grinding mac nuts, don't use the bullet. After I wasted a batch of mac nuts in the bullet, my husband tells me that mac nuts, with its high oil content can't be put in a blender. They must be put into hand grinder (baby blue one by Martha Stewart on the left). It was so fun, this is my new favorite gadget now. I wonder what else I can use this for?



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